Dear Writer,

Welcome to Emily Rose Editing! My name is Emily and as a freelance editor, my ultimate goal is to guide you through the treacherous editing waters. From academic research to creative writing, I want to help you reach your full writing potential.

One of my greatest joys is working with writers to improve their skills. At Emily Rose Editing, you will never come across an unexplained edit; all of my feedback is respectful and descriptive, aimed at improving your skill. My own writing and editing style is to the point and highlights the content rather than the author’s thought process. I will help you find a direct path for your thoughts to travel along. 

I know your brain is full of unique thoughts and ideas and I want to help present them to the world with strength and polish. The writing process can be intimidating, but I’m here to smooth the path and encourage your talent. Bring me along on your journey and you’re sure to come away (relatively) unscathed! Happy writing!