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Welcome to Emily Rose Editing! My name is Emily and as a freelance editor, my ultimate goal is to guide you through the treacherous editing waters. From academic research to creative writing, I want to help you reach your full writing potential.

One of my greatest joys is working with writers to improve their skills. At Emily Rose Editing, you will never come across an unexplained edit; all of my feedback is respectful and descriptive, aimed at improving your skill. My own writing style is to the point and highlights the content rather than the author’s thought process. I help you find a direct path for your thoughts to travel along. Best of all, my prices are competitive and realistic!

Dearest writer, I know that your brain is full of unique thoughts and ideas and I want to help present them to the world with strength and polish. The writing process can be intimidating, but bring me along on your journey and you’re sure to come away (relatively) unscathed! Happy writing!



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Tamora Pierce: Sherwood Smith: Sharon Shinn: J.K. Rowling: Sarah J. Maas: If you are familiar with any of the above authors, you may notice a theme to my reading choices. While I do enjoy a good historoical or contemporary romance, most of my reading choices fall in the “fantasy adventure”/”fantasy romance” … Continue reading

Bernie Sanders and Vermont’s UVM Millennials: Perfect Together?

This article was written for The Vermont Independent, an online news forum dedicated “resistance and resilience” in Vermont. Burlington, Vermont sits in the far north of New England, a liberal oasis in a sea of rural Vermont paleo-conservatism. Nestled in the Champlain Valley, a certain type of person is called to this little city of … Continue reading Bernie Sanders and Vermont’s UVM Millennials: Perfect Together?

The Hidden Risks in Emerging Markets

Though the risks involved with emerging markets are great, Witold Henisz and Bennet Zelner prove, through various examples, that companies can still benefit from the markets as long as they master new analytical tools and skills (1). Currently, the greatest risk a company faces is what is known as “policy risk”. Policy risk involves a … Continue reading The Hidden Risks in Emerging Markets

How iPhone Widens the US Trade Deficit with PRC

Apple revolutionized the tech industry when the first iPhone was released on June 29, 2007. Steve Jobs, an America innovator, designed a product that was immediately popular among American consumers but, as Yuqing Xing and Neal Detert point out, the invention and production of the iPhone has “exacerbate[d] the US trade deficits” rather than increase … Continue reading How iPhone Widens the US Trade Deficit with PRC

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